Monday, August 9, 2010

Every day is unpredictable.

     Every day is unpredictable. What happens decides what we much genuinely need to eat. For example- the weather, stress, happiness, and sleep all impact our organic self. We are intuitively responding with our senses to everything, all the time. 

Be gentle, you are organic.
Organic means: not artificial.
To be your ideal weight: work with your body, don’t fight it, or ignore it.

     Feed yourself what nourishes, not what ‘fills you up’. Nourishing ourselves is done with food, and with ideas. It is done by connecting with our 6 senses when you eat. Our senses work with our mind and body to keep us clear about what is nourishing. Let intuition be your guide and trust yourself.

     We each have a physical and a mental process of growing that cannot be rushed. We can’t be rushed to change our thinking, our weight, or our style. The first step is effort. Be proud that you are seeking answers and knowledge. That means you’re smart and you’re cool.

While you’re thinking, ask your self:
Do I have eating patterns?
What gets in my way of supporting my health and fitness when I eat?
How can I approach eating differently?

     Often, when thinking about losing and maintaining weight, we are easy prey to doubts or fear that we won’t be able to stick it out.  These self- defeating thinking habits interfere with responding to what our body needs. There is no such thing as a quick fix that endures. Every dieter knows this from experience.
Don't feed your self doubt or fear. 
When we listen to our senses, we are feeding ourselves compassion, and understanding. 
This is empowering!

Your body is not a machine and you are not generic. That’s why only you know your best eating choices. Use your eyes to see what you want. Connect with how your body feels. Think about what’s in your best interest. Respond to your life as it’s happening. Plan to feed your self in a healthy way to maintain your weight. That is a nourishing thought.  It is you respecting your self.

Your body cannot be rushed into change. To lose weight or maintain weight loss, be gentle with your self. Being gentle is the secret of self - control. 

Enjoy eating with all of your senses and you will eat less.  That's a promise.

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