Monday, April 29, 2013

6th Sense Eating - easy answers

6th Sense eating is automatically relaxing and refreshing. It feels like common sense. Common sense is a shortcut to the 'right answer.' The point is that by using your senses, it's easy to control your decisions. Everything you sense is clear because you can feel if choices are right. You can literally think and feel with your senses. 

Intuition, like what you see or smell, is personal. That's why we all don't 'like' the same tastes or smells.  Unlike taste, touch or smell, your 6th sense comes with universal intuitive tools that are guides. 

The first tool of your 6th sense is curiosity. Curiosity is the intuitive search for satisfaction.
  • Curiosity gives you x-ray vision and super hearing because it means looking closer and hearing more. 
  • When you eat, use this advantage to question how your body feels and notice what really matters to you.
  • Questioning your choices is the 6th sense way to maintain self-control.
The point of meals is to nourish your body and enjoy social interactions. Take time to be curious about where you are, who you're with and what's on your plate. We eat to satisfy physical hunger. It's smart to put down a sandwich or fork between bites. This gives you space to notice if you're still physically hungry. Eat what feels right to your senses.

Another universal intuitive tool to stay in control of eating choices is patience.
Patience is the intuitive source of confidence. It keeps boundaries and priorities clear.

  • Patience provides breathing room that refreshes your perspective with common sense.
  • Patience is an intuitive 20-second pause that connects with natural self-protection. 
  • For the expected and the unexpected, you can depend on patience to stay emotionally clear.
During mealtime, take an 'intuitive' pause to share a thought, joke, gossip or just vent. That's how you feed yourself socially. You will eat less and learn more about people who share your life. Meals are not just about food.

Tips on using the 10 universal intuitive tools as guides to make smart eating decisions are explained in every chapter in Am I Really Hungry, 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating. If you are tired of frustration and ready to have satisfaction, this book is the resource that will keep you company when the going gets tough.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great explanation of mindful eating techniques! These practices will allow people to get pleasure out of their meal without over indulging. I enjoyed the comparison of engaging ones senses to having superhuman powers and the realistic suggestions for implementing these techniques. Another great resource on this topic in the Center for Mindful Eating, which reinforces the information presented in this post.