Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eating Habits & Emotional Eating

Eating habits are a rut you get in from letting someone else dictate what your body needs to be a healthy weight. You gain weight because habits are not a response to your body.

Habits cause emotional eating, which is you rebelling against what doesn't feel right.

So for the New Year, make a resolution to Be Your Own Boss. It takes time and energy, but so does everything worth having. The cool thing is the energy burns calories.

Here's how:
  • Think with your senses. Do this by checking the way your body feels before and while you're eating. If you see a huge piece of cake in front of you and check-in with your body, your brain may put up a red flag saying: cut it in 1/2 & put what's okay to eat on separate plate. Or your body may already be full. This means you are free to leave the table. 
  • Feel with your mind.  Do this by using intuitive tools like foresight, courage, dignity and curiosity. Before you eat ask, "How will I feel about myself if I eat this?" It's intuitive to respect and protect yourself, but if it's not your habit, you won't do it. Once you use your intuition by doing this, you will feel liberated because you will be in control.
Using your senses makes you feel fresh, while mindless habits make you feel old and trapped.  Open up your life by thinking with your senses. Feel with your mind.  You'll look younger because you will be happier. Don't be in a rut.

Here's the bottom line about eating habits that cause emotional eating:
  •  Eating Habits limit choices and kill spontaneity, which makes you look drawn and wrinkly, even if you're overweight.
  • Habits Avoid letting the moment unfold in the present, which means you stay in the past, which is full of emotional hot-spots.
  • Bully & bluster often justify habits that age & delude you into eating when you're full.  
  • Habits Ignore problems and inhibit the truth, which - like doing drugs  - is a temporary fix. It wears off; then you get the nudge, the gut feeling, the inability to sleep. Ignoring self-control doesn’t mean abandoning self-respect.  
  • Habits are Traitors to your soul. Habits turn a blind eye to possibilities and ignore problems. 
  • Stuck is how habits make you feel, and that feeling creates anger, frustration, loneliness and emotional eating
Take a breath and take the time and energy to give yourself a chance. Stay in the present and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it - because you absolutely can! By this time next year, you'll look at holiday parties and yourself in a whole new way. 

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