Monday, June 11, 2012

Binging - Getting Intimate

Let's get personal and talk about intimate relationships. The most intimate relationship you have is with your own body. 
  • You sleep with it every night, dress and feed it. 
  • Your body gives you pleasure and physical power. 
  • You wash it, touch yourself, use your body to get places and use it to be noticed.
Maybe you work out or maybe you hide your body with certain clothes. Everyone has an intimate relationship with their body. It's an emotional connection. 
Classic diets insist you focus on a plan and ignore physical messages from your body. 
  • That's why people binge. 
  • When you ignore what you feel physically, you stress out your body. 
  • The result is an unhealthy emotional relationship with food. 
Binging happens because you lose your natural connection with physical satisfaction. It's the result of an emotional sense of confusion and isolation.
  • When you binge, taste is not on your mind because you are thinking with your emotions, not responding to physical hunger.
  • Binging is a desperate, very personal plea for comfort.
  • Eating intuitively is a natural connection with satisfaction.
  • Use dignity and courage to respect yourself.
  • A healthy emotional connection is protective, not abusive.
Eating intuitively is relaxing when you eat, so you taste your food and notice how your body feels. Stay intimate with yourself. Stay connected with your body.

Get off of the diet dogma treadmill of emotional isolation and notice your intimate needs. You can use your senses to connect with your body.
  • Stress around eating impacts every physical pleasure you might enjoy. 
  • It's not good for intimacy in any part of your life.
Being intimate starts with respecting yourself. Honor yourself by forgiving binging and then, give yourself a chance to listen to your body.

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