Sunday, March 13, 2011

Enhancing Your Sex Life with Food

Intuition is our 6th sense. Right now you are reading this but of course you are not thinking about using your eyes!  We use our senses automatically.  Right now - you are using your intuition.

The more you notice what you see, taste, smell, hear and touch, the more aware you will be of your sensuality and your intuition. The essence of great sex is great sensuality. When we really taste, touch and smell our food, arousal is heightened. Turning a meal into a sensual experience is intuitive eating.

In the film "Tom Jones" Albert Finney licks chicken bones and Joyce Redman looks like she's making love to an apple. What makes this scene really 'hot' is that the entire time these 2 eat, they give each other eye contact. Eye contact while we're eating can feel incredibly intimate.

When entering a bakery and inhaling the sweet aroma, or biting into a favorite meal- the sounds we make are "o-oh", "m-mm", "ahh".  Those are also the sounds of happy sex. Just like eye contact, amelling, tasting and listening can become suddenly intimate when we're eating.

When you want to enhance your sex life, notice little noises aroused by the pleasures of eating. You might lick your lips and let your tongue poke and taste your food. Chewing well not only helps us eat slower, digest better and manage our weight- it also connects us with pleasures of eating.

The 6th sense is our arousal sense. It takes what our 5 senses experience and pushes it up a notch so the experience is heightened.

Mixing pleasures of the senses with pleasures of the heart and mind is the kind of pleasure that is the difference between flying first class or coach. Sure we get there either way, but the difference is the quality of the trip and the ultimate pleasure of our ride.

Intuitive eaters choose food that satisfies hunger by pleasing the senses. Staying in touch with your senses keeps us in touch with your body. You won't over eat, other things will be on your mind.

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