Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Enjoy the occasion.

With Halloween around the corner, the annual time of parties and eating approaches. This year, decide to enjoy the company and the occasion - more than the food. It is a habit when we diet to focus on food at a party instead of the party, the fun, the company and the occasion. The result is we miss stuff.

Worrying about food challenges and weight control puts pressure on you to obsess about food and eating. The result is you are knocked off balance emotionally. That's when self-destructive eating takes place.

Enjoy the company- but connect with your 6 senses first! It's a way of really being in the moment. Talk about what you sense. This is a great conversation starter because everyone gets pleasure through their senses.

Whether it's business, or a casual social environment, enjoying your self by connecting with your senses, you will be showing that you respect your self. You will send signals without using words, that you have priorities. Everyone respects that.

If a fellow reveler thrusts a huge slice of pumpkin pie your way, cut it in half, and find a plate to slide the extra on, so you won't be tempted. Smell the pie and really taste it. Ask another guest if she has tasted the pie. Instead to talking about how much you're eating, enjoy the flavor. Talk about the celebration, and how time flies, and how good it is to reconnect with people, and catch up on what has happened since the last time.

Before you go to a party, resolve to take a pause every time a food challenge or temptation is part of an event. Re-balance your perspective to enjoy the celebration by respecting your self. This is a personal decision. No one will notice and you will be in control. Then, enjoy the party.

Eat slowly, talk more. Eat less, enjoy it more. Focus on celebrating with your heart more than with your stomach. You will leave the party feeling great, and tomorrow you will wake up feeling in control.

Try this:
While you're eating with family, on a date, or at a party, stop eating. Put your fork down and ask the person sitting next to you to tell you about their day. Let your self be distracted from the food. Let your self enjoy the company.

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