Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eating Habits

At a party last night, someone told me he thought eating three times a day- even if you’re not hungry- was normal. It’s not. Eating if you’re not hungry is how to gain weight fast. Eating for satisfaction is intuitive. Your intuition guides you to satisfy hunger and keep your body fortified. When eating becomes a habit, it’s time to wake up.

Your intuition always leads to your best interests. That doesn’t mean it’s easy because none of us are brought up being told to trust our intuition. So to be an intuitive eater, we have to change our habit of ignoring ‘that little voice’.

Ignoring messages from your body and censoring that little voice means being out of touch with your self. The result is you take your self for granted. Ouch. Being taken for granted feels bad.

Eating habits are like sleep-walking because habits are unconscious. Habits leave you in the dark. Some eating habits are emotion driven, and so do take time and effort to recognize. Emotions that create doubt are habits that stop you from achieving your eating goals. Emotional habits can feel like boredom, anger,or depression. As you fine tune your six senses, you won't be prey to these culprits.

Eating when you’re not hungry is clearly not in your best interests. Eating has to be an honest response to your body to nurture you. When you eat what feels good to your body, and satisfies your desire for physical pleasure (taste), and emotional need (comfort and self-respect), you will not eat what you don’t want, and you will not eat when you’re not hungry.

Eating out of habit is the opposite of being a sensuous eater. Why not skip a meal now and then and use that break in habit to wake up your ability to recognize what your body is really hungry for.

Then, eat for satisfaction.

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