Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't be afraid.

Changing habits is not easy because habits feel ‘normal’. Fear around eating and weight gain is a habit. Fear is a habit that feels like doubt. Doubt is a roadblock to getting what you want. Ouch!

A feeling of fear, when it comes to eating and losing weight, is the result of confusion. Confusion makes us think that by ignoring our feelings or our desires, we will lose weight. When we buy into this kind of confusion, we are fighting with our self, our body, and our emotions. Sound familiar? Yep, and it feels really bad.

Give your self space to be wrong about past eating choices. Choose to tune in to your sixth sense. Today is the beginning of the rest of your Life. The way to start over is to realize that everybody goes through this. Then take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, and decide to forgive your self. Until you forgive yourself, you will be plagued by another nasty habit- punishing your self. Let go of it, because punishing your self won’t help you lose weight. Remember, the past is history.

Right now, you can use your intuition to stay in the present.
Connecting with your intuition keeps you clear about the present which means you can tune in, to your self, your body, and your emotions, by using your senses to recognize what you really want and what you are really eating.

Your intuition connects the input from your 5 senses with your brain and your body, and balances them with your emotions. It’s always there for you to depend on. In the beginning, you can open the door to your sixth sense by being aware of how it works.

Here are some tips to flatten the habit of fear around eating:
Recognize that you feel worry or fear around your eating
Look at what you are eating with your eyes.
-Notice if your food looks good, if it looks healthy, and if the portion is about the size of your fist or the size of your head?
-Use your intuition to take that information to your brain and you will know how much of it to eat.
Smell and taste a bite.
-Notice if it tastes good, salty, sweet, fresh?
-Use your intuition to relay that info to your brain and you body, and you will know if it makes sense to eat.
Does it go down well, does it sit comfortably in your stomach?
Relay that to your brain and you will know how much you want to eat.
Recognize that you are respecting your self by connecting with your intuition. 

Notice that you are in control, and notice that
you feel good.

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