Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Allow your dreams.

Look at your self in the mirror and see inside your heart.
Allow your self to dream.
See your body the way you dream it.

As you fine tune your senses and listen to your intuition, you will realize that you know what you want. It sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?  And yet, it works. It has been said that Truth makes all things possible. Connecting with your six senses connects with your truth and your dreams.

Tuning in to your intuition is tuning in to your natural power base. It is the power of clarity that connects with your five physical senses and guides you to make wise decisions about food choices. Because your intuition connects with your truth, listening to it works to improve your life.

You can loose weight without suffering. Don’t give up because this is not familiar. Instead, give your self a chance to have what you want. Dream that you are in control of what you eat and that your body looks and feels good. Then use your six senses and let it happen.

Don’t Give Up.
There is no reason not go around the corner.
There is no reason not to trust what you see, hear, taste, touch and feel.
There is really no reason not to reach for the moon.
Experience teaches that mistakes happen, that your heart hurts, that
Hunger is real and the mind darkens. Yes, Life is hard, and then things change.
If you believe you are not good enough to be your self, or
If you’re ashamed of who you are, or of who you are not-
Experience shows that everything changes.

Give your self a chance to become your ideal weight.  Fine tune your senses at the beginning of every meal and you will notice that your body is responding. Allow your dreams.

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