Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Subject is Always Love


The Subject is Always Love

Spring is the season of Love. Love shakes us up and opens our eyes. We try new things. We ask new questions. Love, especially at the beginning, is fragile. That’s why when love blooms we intuitively pay closer attention to everything we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. It’s exciting and important.

Good love, like good eating fills us with energy and confidence because we love with heart, mind, body and soul. Eat with Love
  •    Smile between bites when you eat. This relaxes your body to digest better. It opens your heart for loving. 
  •    Look at what you eat. Taste with your eyes to tease open new possibilities. Be curious about what it is. It’s best not to rush love.
  •    Eat less than you think you need to leave room for an unexpected dessert. You will have more energy.
Food is love. Receive it with gratitude. Intuitive tools like sensing dignity and being curious side-step stress and guide smart choices. Shake-up your eating routines and check-in with messages from your body.  
  •    Make the choice to respect your body by noticing how you feel when you eat. Sense potential.
  •    Baby yourself with tenderness. This means: don't' stuff food into your body. Only eat when you're hungry and taste every bite. Loving is giving yourself every chance for healthy satisfaction.
  •    When you eat: relax, get energy and satisfy yourself. 

       What you put in your body is your choice.
You are in control.
The way to get positive feelings is to take positive actions.

Love is sharing without judging. Love your body and your good health. You don't need to explain how you eat to anyone because eating is personal. If someone makes a comment, just say you're practicing intuitive eating. Being true to yourself is common sense.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Intuitive thinking is the natural way of being tuned to yourself and the bigger picture. It's keeping all of your needs in focus.

Use all 6 senses to stay in touch with your body, heart, mind and soul. Don't sabotage a great meal or miss a Life opportunity by ignoring what you sense.

Intuition and eating are both our survival instinct. Intuitive eating is common sense.  Be clear about what you eat. This mental choice fine tunes your life by informing every choice you make.

It's easy to use intuitive tools and your 5 senses to do this. Your 6th sense balances messages from your body about hunger and priorities with what your 5 senses reveal about your eating choice at the instant you begin a meal. It's clear.

Not using all 6 senses is leaving yourself in the desert of Life without water. Notice what you sense to know what you need.

When we don’t use our senses, we don't know our selves. How can you know what you’re eating when you don’t look at your meal, taste it, smell it, or feel it enter your body? Eating is supposed to be sensual. It is intuitive to relax and enjoy your food with your senses. Try it and you will find a smile on your face.

It's self-defeating to judge yourself and ignore what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. It's like wearing blinders and earplugs to an event - You really can’t know what’s happening. Passing judgment while you eat sabotages digestion, pleaasure and quality of Life. Negative thoughts about the past or future have no connection with your meal at all. Noticing how your body feels or enjoying eating is intuitive. Intuitive living turns the tease of temptation into opportunity.

Decide to let go of negative thoughts in your head when you eat. The past is history. Allow yourself to be present. The way to do this is to chose to respect and trust yourself and commit to using your senses to enjoy your food. Be kind to yourself and good things happen..

Spring is in the air. True love is a combination of trust and honor. Spring is a perfect time to fall in love with your self. Really trust your heart, body, mind, and six senses to protect you and let that love honor who you are when you eat.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Instant Gratification is a myth.

Instant Gratification is myth.  

Change that lasts only a short time is a tease

Only slow progress endures because we're organic.  Trusting organic change requires determination and responding to what you sense. Learn to think with your senses and feel with your mind.

Because we're conditioned to "trust" instant gratification, there's a disconnect from our intuitive truth.
Instead of responding to social conditioning use your 6 senses to stay in the present. The past is history. Tune-into your choices today. 
The truth is there is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to long-term physical changes or long term personal accomplishments.  It takes time to climb any mountain and anything can be a mountain. Thinking with your senses makes the terrain easy.  

We're programmed by media to expect instant gratification. Diets promise we'll lose 5-10 lbs a week and be an ideal body in a month. The truth is, it won't happen. Losing 5-10 lbs by starving yourself now will boomerang and end up around your middle in July.  Aren't you tired of losing and gaining weight?
Don't buy into media hype about instant gratification. Since your body is a natural system, it requires time to process change. When you use all 6 senses at mealtime, physical needs and healthy food boundaries become obvious. Real nourishment is truly achieved when you're in sync with yourself. Make a commitment to know yourself and use determination to connect with messages from your body at mealtime. Go for real gratification. It is filling and satifying at the same time.

Don't buy into diet hype about the need to eat what you don't want when you're not hungry because of a scale or a clock or a book. You have the answers and they are very personal, custom tailored to what your body needs. Your body is amazing, alive and constantly evolving.

Use intuitive tools to trust your body. Tune-into how it feels. Your body is always focused on healing and creating energyIt is more efficient than the most advanced super-computer.

Gratificaiton that's real stays around so we can enjoy it. Everything worth having takes effort. Effort creates energy of excitement and anticipation. Anticipate loving your Life and enjoying your heart, body and soul. Anticipate what you're going to do with extra energy you sense.

Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell before you put anything in your mouth. Natural intuitive tools connect your head with your heart and your body. Timing and eating have a lot in common. Download a copy of I Am Really Hungry : Body/Mind/Soul Food: intuitive eating Learn to recognize when you're hungry and when you're not. That's instant gratification.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cravings and Candy

Change cravings to the comfort and pleasures of self-respect in 15 minutes. 

Every emotional dip on the roller coaster of living is a time of heightened cravings. Family and friends ask, what do you want? Our classic response is emotional, physical and social! When teased by sweets, we see food not only with our eyes, but also with our heart. Intuitive eaters use dignity to tune-in and trust their gut/heart response.

If you expect to be in a stressful eating environment, eat a hard boiled egg before you go out. It will take the edge off of your hunger, provide healthy protein and is an easy way to know you're in control of what you eat.

Did you know it takes a full 15 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach has had a sweet treat?  Use that 15 minutes to give yourself times to socialize or relax! This way you will give your head time it needs recognizes if you still are physically craving sweets. What will happens during the 15 minutes is,  other private priorities become stronger. Try it! You will be surprised.  

You might just eat 1/2 of what you crave and then use the 15 minute rule before you go for more. During your 15 minutes, imagine how you feel when you take control of your choices. You feel pretty good!  When you're hit with emotional stress, keep an open mind, stay clear about what matters to you. 

Everyone is unique. Eating is a personal experience. Trust your physical process to be the best you can be. Acknowledge cravings and stay clear about what matters to you in the long run at the same time. Eat less, taste more because you can. While you eat a piece of chocolate, be sure to really taste and enjoy it. Make your senses and loving your body a priority when you eat. 

The difference between intuitive eating and eating 'unhealthy' cravings is, you feel good about yourself an hour after you eat with dignity. When bullied by emotional eating demands, you feel lousy about yourself an hour later.

You can balance what you crave with what you need. Eating a square of chocolate because it makes you feel good and you like the way it tastes, is healthy. Chocolate is an anti-oxident. Your body uses anti oxidents help to clean pollution from your system.  Craving to eat something can mean that your body needs it. Yes, even chocolate!  You can work with and satisfy your body by trusting what you sense in your gut.  

Social, emotional needs, and physical needs are equally important. We all crave and need respect and affection.  The first person to get if from is you. Respond to your needs by going after what you really want. Make yourself happy

Learn more practical tips for eating intuitively, by knowing  how to take control of what pushes your buttons with Really Hungry: Body, Mind, Soul Food. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about intuitive eating! You are amazing.
Trust your process. 
Intuitively you know what makes you feel good.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Sensual Connection

Everything you sense connects with what you feel, what you know and what you want. Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Don't be a slave to diet dogma. Learn to eat intuitively and watch your body respond. 

You want to have a certain look. You need to eat, too! What's the connection?  It's you! What you sense is your connection.  Notice what you notice to connect with what feels good.

When you feel good about yourself, it's easier to have patience with your eating choice. Feeling good tunes you into being kind to yourself.  It's how you give yourself permission to be your best.

Intuitive eating is all about you. Being unhappy with the way you look means it's time to change the way you treat yourself. Notice what you notice.

  • Binging is a way of beating yourself up.  It's like banging your head against the wall.
  • Rushing through a meal is like inhaling calories. When you rush, your body doesn't have time to feel full.
  • Sneaking a bag of cookies is like poisoning yourself. It's doing to yourself the opposite of what will make you feel good.
You deserve to feel respect. The first person you need to get it from is you!
  • Eat for energy or do not eat.  This is different from eating just because you're hungry. Try it!
  • Share the pleasure of eating. When you really like what you're eating, pause to taste it better. Then, talk about the satisfaction you feel.
  • At parties, put something you don't like on your plate. Instead of eating, carry it around and talk to people. BUT don't talk about food or eating. Parties are for feeding social hunger. Don't let food get in the way of finding social satisfaction.
Still not happy with what you see in the mirror? 
  • Wear a different color.
  • Smile at yourself.
  • Vow to respect your body and your heart at the same time. Since your body is the home of your heart, this makes a lot of sense.
If you feel like you've gained weight, you can be sure you're gained some bad habits. Bad habits are often created by stress.  Take the pressure off by giving yourself a chance to eat intuitively. Time is your tool. Take time to notice what makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Eat less, chew more.
  • Take control by being kind to yourself.
  • Recognize self-defeating eating habits and decide you've had enough!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Eating With Patience

Do you eat fast? Do you know why?
Every day someone mentions to me the difficulty of being patient with themselves. 

We only live this life once. Dig-in to food with passion. Tune-in to flavor. How you eat is a mirror of how deeply you taste your life. How hungry are you? 

Eating is intuitive; you eat to survive. By using patience to notice taste and smell, you will find self-control that leads to satisfaction. Intuitive eating  is an easy sensual flow of anticipation and connection. 

Everything in our lives and bodies has cycles. Eating really fast means we miss the point, which is to find pleasure with our senses at the same time we nourish our body. When we tune in to flavor, texture, scent and size of what we're eating, our mind calibrates pace.  

What you sense keeps you on track. Studies done by The HeartMath Institute show that our heart and brain are in constant communication. As you eat with patience, you naturally eat less. Sensual intuitive eating is your connection with self-control. 

People who devour their meals, are often responding to social pressure or unconscious fears. Fear and pressure make us needy. Being needy reveals fear that we call insecurity. Insecurity turns into a need to devour. 

Tuning-in to your senses, by using patience when you eat, changes fear to self-respect

The fact is, the only thing we control is how we think. When you notice what you sense, you are thinking with your senses. People who eat without tasting and only stop when they notice the plate is empty, are not in touch with their sensuality. 

Our senses keep us connected with physical reality we need to understand patience. Patience is the door to the house that is your soul, where you care about your body. The key to the door is simply to trust what your sense. Do this when you eat by noticing how the food tastes and smells. 

Patience is an intuitive filter that guides you to honor yourselfAnimals devour, Gods celebrate. Celebrate your life by tasting what you eat, seeing who you love and trusting the rhythm of your heart. Tune-in to what you sense and let sensuality set your pace. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

6th sense eating

6th sense eating is a collaboration of your body with your head, heart and mind. It's using the truth you can see, taste, smell and feel to notice what you notice and tune-in to what feels good to you. 

Don't be trapped by a diet. Instead, find ways to feel good and feel dignified at the same time. Sensual eating is the intuitive way to think creatively about your needs. You don't need permission to think for yourself. Only you know what feels good. 

 Here's how to begin:   
  • make healthy 3-ingredient pancakes:  bananas, eggs + peanut butter
  • make shakes with dates instead of sugar
  • use fruit instead of syrup on top of pancakes
  • spread avocado instead of mayo to moisten sandwich
  • bake zucchini instead of french fries
  • freeze grapes for snacks instead of candy
  • use yogurt instead of mayo in salads
  • dip in Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • sprinkle with nutritional yeast instead of cheese
  • use potatoes instead of cream in soup
  • use liquid aminos instead of cheese on pasta
  • add grains to chili instead of meat
  • make meatballs with oats instead of bread crumbs 
It’s easy to combine the simplicity of what you sense, the honesty of what you feel with your mind, and the anchor of what you know from experience, to be a 6th sense eater. Living well requires us to taste our dreams, inhale our desires and roll with our moments. If you feel frustrated around eating, then it may be a result of over-thinking. Learn to think with your senses and feel with your mind. Be liberated by being true to yourself.  It's simple.

Know yourself better: Intuitive Thinking

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Got time?


Got time? I don't know anyone who feels they have enough time.

Eating seems to be something people jam in, almost without thinking.The idea of healthy eating feels like an added time-consuming burden. When we weigh the results of bad eating habits at the scale, it's obvious that healthy eating habits can save time.
  • Intuitive eating is eating to please your body, your palate, and your frame of mind. It's intuitive to seek the best quality of life. Make things easy when it comes to eating and maintaining your weight. Eating breakfast brings the feeling of getting more time by starting your day with a rhythm of purpose. Begin by noticing what you notice.
    • Give yourself a solid foundation by eating breakfast.
    • Use the time, while you eat each morning, to notice how your body feels, how your clothes fit, and to think about what makes you happy. 
    • By eating breakfast, you won't need to take time to snack during the morning and you won't have a mid-morning dip in energy to slow you down. 
    • Importantly, by having breakfast, you won't need to gorge at lunchtime.
Does lunch or dinner turn into business meetings? Talking more means eating less. Having breakfast, protects you from excess hunger and excess weight.You have more time to do business, gossip or generally socialize. By feeding your body a solid foundation at the start of the day, you have time to feed your social, personal and professional needs without the distraction of hunger.

Try these suggestions to make time feel lighter:
  • Breakfast:  
    • No-cook overnight oatmeal is easy to make in advance and is fortifying in the morning. Add some orange juice to create a power breakfast. 
  • Lunch:
    • If you skimp on breakfast and are 'starved' for lunch, take a few deep breaths to remember that hunger comes from your body, not your mind. 
      • Have a protein-packed sandwich. This can be cheese, steak, fish, tofu or any kind of burger. Take just one bite and put it down on the plate. Chew, swallow and take a drink of water. 
      • Often, when we're 'starving', our body is really thirsty. Water has zero calories and it's what your body wants. Do this with every bite and you will have eaten a quick and satisfying, hearty lunch.
    • If you have a salad for lunch, remember to take the dressing on the side. 
      • Dressing often makes salads high calorie, so be stingy with it. Once you add any dressing, toss your salad before you eat it. You will be amazed at how little is required to get the 'taste.' Even with a salad, your body needs water. Water helps burn calories by lubricating your metabolism.
  • Dinner
    • If you are going to eat, you must taste what's on the plate. This sensual experience automatically will help you eat less.
      •  What you choose to eat should be balanced and visually appealing.The point is to enjoy the taste and give your body fuel. 
      • If you have no time, cut your portions in half.  Then, follow the same process as outlined for lunch:  take a bite, put your fork down and take a swallow of water. Eating less means less calories, and drinking some water between bites means you are less likely to have indigestion. 
Intuitive eating is being kind to yourself by protecting your body.  Give yourself some time. Learn to use intuitive tools to change your habits into free time. Learn to drink water when you eat because it has no calories, helps you feel full, and your body needs it.

"Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way."   Oprah Winfry
Download: I am really hungry. BODY/MIND/SOUL Intuitive Eating  for easy tips for eating intuitively.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Most Powerful 2015 New Year's Resolution

Make this new year's resolution: "I will not doubt my inner sense of truth. "

Your intuition is more powerful than manipulative emotions because it connects with the truth. Emotions connect with what you wish was true, while intuition keeps you in touch with what is real. That's why you can feel deeply emotional around food and 'know intuitively' not to eat it. Intuitive tools, like determination, courage and dignity, protect and guide you away from self-defeating emotional eating.

Hunger is a physical reality. Binging is an emotional trap that treats your body like a second-class citizen. Ending emotional traps is intuitive. Intuition works with your body. When you use it to make eating choices, you tune in to self-respect and physical needs. Intuitive eating creates a safety zone of balance.

Use these questions to 'hear' your intuitive inner voice, your inner sense of truth.

  • Does eating this leave me feeling physically comfortable, satisfied and healthy?
    • If the answer is yes, then focus on comfort, satisfaction and health while you eat. These are intuitive.
    • You can feel when you've had enough by working with your body. 
      • Intuition balances what you think and what you want, with what you know and how you feel. Your inner intuitive voice filters out the truth.
  • Why am I eating this? 
    • Be honest with yourself about trusting your intuition. 
      • The fact is, intuition is always protective. If a choice doesn't feel 'right', it's not your intuition; it's emotional manipulation.
        • It's powerful to take control of self-defeating emotions, but it's not hard. Things that are wrong, crumble easily.
      • Learn  to feel dignity in your heart and respond to that feeling.
      • Take control this year by being courageous. 
        • You are stronger than anger or disappointment. You are stronger than sadness. 
      • Give yourself a space to be determined. Go for a short walk to cool off. Reset your perspective by noticing what you sense. Remember, the only reason to eat is because you are physically hungry.
  • What do I really want? 
    • If this is confusing, then write down what you really want and put the piece of paper where you can look at it any time.
      • Adopt an attitude of self-respect with determination and stick with it. Get what you want this year. It's time! 
    • Comfort, satisfaction and health create quality of life. Eat less, chew more. Tune in  to intuitive attitudes to feel your intuition. Even if you've ignored it your whole life, you have it. 
Remember to focus on comfort, satisfaction, and health when you eat. Use determination and self-respect to follow through with what feels 'right' Be dignified and you will stay in control. Every morning when you wake up say, "I will not doubt my inner sense of truth. " You will be a different person in 12 months!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Inner Peace

Inner peace begins with intuitive thinking. 

Intuitive tools find your inner guidance system.

Take attitudes of courage, dignity, tenacity and self-respect to holiday parties.

Hunger is a physical reality. Binging is an emotional trap. Fighting emotional traps is intuitive. When you make an intuitive choice, it feels 'right'. Your intuition 'has your back.' Powerful intuitive tools bring freedom from emotional eating.

Holidays push our buttons. Anyone who has eaten food for emotional support knows the result is disappointment. Emotional eating is a trap. There is a way out.  The 6th Sense Diet  brings inner peace by revealing new solutions and understanding that change your relationship with your body from stress to satisfying. Putting pressure on yourself will be over.

Emotional eating or binging happens when we feel bad or sorry for ourselves. Even though the media would have us think differently, food is not a band-aid. It cannot mend a broken heart or make a mean person nice. Reality is that Life can be painful, unfair and hard. Responding to pain by eating more changes nothing; instead, we feel worse.

When emotions guide food choices, there is no inner peace. Intuition bypasses emotions. That's why we can feel deeply emotional around food and 'know' we're wrong to eat it. Using intuitive tools like tenacity, courage and dignity are your surprisingly reassuring anchor to personal peace. It's personal power.

  Three questions to ask yourself for inner peace:
  • Does eating this leave me feeling physically comfortable, satisfied and healthy?
    • If the answer is yes, then focus on comfort, satisfaction and health while you eat. 
    • You will feel when you're had enough. This is feeling your mind working with your body. 
      • Intuition balances what you want with what you know and what you feel. Power eating is listening to your intuition.
  • Why am I eating this? 
    • Being honest with yourself is the beginning of trusting your intuition
      • The fact is, intuition is always protective. Trust it.
      • Feel dignity in your heart and listen to that feeling.
      •  If you're eating to satisfy emotions, stop. Decide to take control by being courageous. 
        • You are stronger than anger or disappointment. You are stronger than sadness. 
        • It's powerful to take control of self-defeating emotions, but it's not hard. Things that are wrong, crumble easily.
      • Give yourself a smile of determination. Go for a short walk to cool off. Reset your perspective. The only reason to eat is because you're hungry.
  • What do I really want? 
    • You want to fight it. No one wants to be a slave to emotions. Eating, weight maintenance, diet, work, family, responsibilities - all of these weigh on us 24/7. We need help to be strong. We don't have a lot of time to cook. Write down what you really want and put the piece of paper where you can look at it any time.
      • Adopt an attitude of determination and stick with it. Get what you want. Comfort, satisfaction and health create quality of life. Eat less; chew more. Attitude is powerful.
    • FitsMe is a Web app that helps you find meals and create plans that fit your diet. Tell the site your food restrictions, likes, and dislikes and it serves up recipes to satiate even your pickiest preferences. It can save time and help you plan. 
Peace comes when you focus on comfort, satisfaction, and health while you eat. Natural courage to zap fear and overcome doubts is part of your intuition. Determination and self-respect to follow through with what feels 'right', complete the picture. Be dignified when you eat. Find your inner peace; it's intuitive.
 "Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve." JK Rowlings