Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life is a gift and Intuition a S.O.R.

Loneliness is often the reason we eat when we’re not hungry. Food, in our busy and complex times, can be easier to get then human contact. Sometimes you may eat food because you are hungry for a human link. Remember intuition is your ultimate connector. It balances what you sense with what you know and what you feel, to give you the clear “right” choice. Let your intuition guide your eating choices.

Your 6 senses work with your body so that you can be clear about what you are hungry for. Your intuition will help you recognize: if you're hungry for company, or if you need to eat.  Eating what you don’t need, or want, is a sure way to gain weight.

Polishing your senses will help you recognize what to eat that makes sense for your body and to be your healthy weight. It will also help you recognize where your appetite is coming from. Importantly, fine tuning your senses opens up choices that are empowering in every area of your being.

Life is a gift. The dictionary defines a gift as “natural talent”. Fine tuning your senses nourishes your natural talents of seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching, and opens opportunity throughout your Life by connecting you with your present.

Stress in our lives dulls our senses. Before you eat, choose to reconnect with the present and connect with your 6 senses. Use your intuitive breathing-  3 deep breaths in and 3 deep breaths out. Open your eyes, use your ears, listen to your heart, and respect your experience. 3 breaths in and 3 breathes out before the first bite.

When our senses are dulled we make the wrong connections.
Fine tuning your 5 senses connects with your intuition, and you strengthen positive links in your life.  Try it.

You will find clarity, and a sense of relief.

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